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REGISTER NOW!! ALL TEAMS who wish to enter the Three Counties Ability Counts League Competition must REGISTER their teams and THEIR PLAYERS using the EXCEL Spreadsheet App that will be sent to their team email address or that can be downloaded from this website. To download the App CLICK HERE. The method for using the App and for further instructions about payment of fees is fully explained in the REGISTRATION METHOD DOCUMENT

If any team cannot use the App for any reason they may register their team using a manual form that is available by CLICKING HERE. Before using the manual form please contact the League Secretary to explain any difficulties. The League is keen to have everyone use the App if at all possible.


The League has compiled a new constitution tat was presented at the AGM. Due to new information received very late from the FA we have had to revise some elements and consequently the new constitution has been made interim. Nevertheless, we do require all teams to provide written agreement that they will abide by the constitution as it is now presented. DOWNLOAD INTERIM DOCUMENT. The League Secretary has circulated an agreement signature form that must be returned with your payment of fees or scanned in to attach to an email.



Our first competition classified all our registered teams into 2 divisions to ensure that every team was able to achieve a fair game against teams of similar ability.

In 2010 Shropshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire FA joined forces to setup friendly fixtures for disability football teams to compete with one and other across the three counties. These fixtures were successfully played out several times per season with a number of games against different opponents enjoyed on a festival basis on each fixture day.

The County FA’s developed this League into a more formal and structured League format in 2013/14 season. This involves the setup of a Management Committee, adhering to the Standard Codes of Rules & Competition Regulations. This League catered for adult teams with PAN Disability players, and teams from all groups, whether established football clubs or community groups took part. The League also became a Charter Standard League during the season.

As part of its continued commitment, the three County FA’s have worked hard to bring in and support several volunteers to act as the League Committee from the 2016/2017 season but this work must continue and during this new season we will be seeking out a number of new volunteers to help the League develop a sustainable future.

League fixtures take place across the three Counties. Each County, (Shropshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire) will be hosting two events throughout the season.

Each County when hosting, will have the opportunity to invite and offer some friendly fixtures for their new developing teams and provide opportunities for youth provision.

If you are a new team and want to organize friendly matches, we are open to offers.

For more information contact our League Secretary, details on the ABOUT page.



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