Delivering Safe Competitive Football Matches for Disability Teams

Since 1999 the Football Association has had an Ability Counts programme in place to enhance the opportunities for players with a disability to get closer to the mainstream game that we all love. Over the last decade this initiative has developed from grass roots clubs to form regional leagues and since 2011 moved to the formation of County Leagues. In Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Shropshire, the rural nature of these counties has made it quite a task to attract sufficient numbers of players to form enough teams to justify league structures. However, despite these difficulties, the Three Counties Disability League was formed to maximise both the numbers available to join teams and the opportunities to play in safe, competitive matches.

The league currently meets, in tournament style, six times per season. The venues we play at rotate through the Three Counties, with each county hosting 2 tournaments. The League has a core of 8 teams from the region and is actively seeking out more players and volunteers to expand on the huge efforts that all our participants have contributed to date.


How to get involved

If you think you would like to part of the Three Counties League, or simply would like to take part as a player or volunteer with any of our teams, then please contact any of the League Officials listed on our about page. If you are not sure then please come along to one of our tournaments the dates of which are listed on the right.


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